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 ok...just some jibberish for right now.
It's nice to just relax and not do anything specific for a few hours...that's kinda nice.
Actually, that would be a pretty cool vacation.  Going nowhere and doing nothing!  Sweet!
ok...just thought of something to do...will catch some BSG re-runs.
I still cant' believe season 4 will start in 08.  Dang! r
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dry heat

Just came back from a two week vacation from LA and San Diego. I finally realized what low humidity is like compared to Virginia's 90 to 100% humidity. I understand what people are talking about. For example when you step outside from an a/c environment in VA when it's 95degrees and 99% humidity you can break a sweat to your car....and when the wind blows it blows hot air. Things were different in Southern California. Don't get me wrong, 95 degrees was definitely hot and if you're in direct sunlight it's pretty daggone war, but if you're in the shade...it feels great and if you feel a breeze it's nice cool air. the evenings are very very nice and cool vs. VA evenings that can be sticky and muggy. So YES I finally know what people are talking about when they say, "...but it's a dry heat". Big differece.
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I've got to present a proposal tomorrow to the department manager. I presented a preliminary version to others and I got ripped a little bit. I would like to think my answers were sufficient but I can't help but think about how much more pressure I'll have tomorrow.
My peers and I compiled a great deal of data to back us up but I get flustered when I need to ad-lib a little. None of my peers will be there tomorrow so I'm going solo.
Gone through the pacing of my presentation so I should be okay with that. (I have a tendency to rush) okay...I feel better.
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Some silly pics from C-IV. It was really cool seeing all the kids looking amazed at the costumes. Heh, I even autographed a few....using my TS designation, of course. And I ended the autograph with "BLIZZARD Force in service of the Emperor"