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Current events

I'm just going to comment on current world events. I'm not sure what I think about the conflict in Israel and Lebanon. I'm trying to see if there's a side of the conflict that I favor over the other. I haven't been able to do so. I'm not sure I really care. I know that sounds bad but it's like "Here we go again" to me. It's difficult since this (to the root of everything) is simply a religious disagreement that has been ongoing for millennia. I don't find actual physical conflict over any religion to be a satisfactory reason to fight over. Sure it's fine to disagree but to kill in the name of your preferred deity is beyond me. What if the UN never did carve out Israel out of Palestine in 1946..or was it '45? Hmmmm, certainly you can go as far back as 1917 to the U.S. Congress that failed to ratify the League of Nations. Without U.S. support the League failed thus giving rise to Hitler thus unleashing his "Final Solution" and making world leaders at the end of WWII feel an obligation to the Jewish people and creating the state of Israel. Would we have this conflict today if the state was never created? I don't know...way too many variables and situations...maybe something worse would be happening...or would have already happened. Oops...that was a lot of 'what-ifs' that don't really matter. It all boils down to intolerance on both sides doesn't it?
Well anyway, what I think the U.S. should do? I really don't know. It's pretty costly and I'm not sure I would want an increase in military budget while cutting domestic programs. The local and federal agencies had a hard enough time dealing with the natural disasters last year and the costs of those are still continuing to climb. Katrina has already surpassed 9-11 in terms of damage in dollars (not to mention lives) and is not close to being completely assessed. So you can't fund the military and take care of your citizens at the same time without trimming the fat somewhere and it's always the poor and underprivileged who'll get cut. And of course, there's North Korea's nuclear plan. This seems to be more troubling to me. There's no way we can militarily do anything. I'm sure there are several "James Bond" plots going on out there...

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