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Da Vinci Code film

Gonna see the film tonight. I have to say this is the first movie I am going to see where I read the book first. I'm not much of a fiction reader, but when I borrowed it I blew through it quite quickly since it was such a good read. Quite a good pace I must say too.
Why 'the church' is so up in arms I don't know. If anything, the more hoopla they create the more people will want to read or see the film...something everyone knows. I guess that's good for the publishers and producers (wish I had in on that action). Anyway, I guess 'the church' just doesn't want people to think and feels threatened if anyone would just even entertain the ideas presented. Personally, that intrigued me but it didn't change anything in me. I was intrigued mostly by the 'whodunnit' aspect, but it was fun to think too. So now, I'm really looking forward to seeing everything on film. I hope they paid a good amount of attention on the score too. I'm a big stickler about that...

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